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According to Marie Claire, Melissa Paulina Peroff was a frequent guest at Scott���s California ranch, where he often entertained Penthouse Pets and Playboy Bunnies.

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Now that melissa's husband is dead (DR GENE SCOTT) and paul crouch jr has dumped his wife are they now a item? Those clean Christians are at it again....pastor porn star and son of a married gay guy with a history of sexual harassment (did he divorce his wife? I should join a church--seems to be better than a soap opera.

In addition to being 40 years his junior, televangelist Gene Scott���s third wife Melissa was formerly an adult entertainer by the name of Barbie Bridges.

The Christian Research Institute (CRI), an international religious center based in Irvine [hosted by Hank Hannegraaf] that monitors controversial religious movements, goes so far as to advise Christians not to attend Scott's services.

strongly that Scott has no business preaching in a church.

But let’s just suppose that all of that stuff is true. She marries Gene Scott [20 years her elder], after they both divorced their spouses.

Now that all is out and the people do not know she continues to laugh about it by teaching on being clothed, Isaish walking around nude, etc. Some people think that even as they fool others, they can fool God. But I think all of us who are Christians have that same initial tinge of electricity rustle our nerves in shock when we first hear the news about Gene and Melissa Scott's ministry. I remember watching him chomp his cigar and talk about how the Hebrew slaves hid the truth of Torah in the pyramids and if you add up lengths of corridors divided by heights of this multiplied by widths of that . AND if you line up the peaks of the pyramids they point true north. "His language is crude, abusive and profane, clearly violating God's standards for Christians." Scott protested to loud applause. " But it gets worse (depending on your perspective of course). well that led you to Deuteronomy 6 and the great Shema. During the last few years, Scott has become more and more outrageous and offensive," a CRI analysis concludes.Woe be to those who pretend to be of me, and lead my people astray.It would be better to have a millstone tied around your neck and thrown to the bottom of the sea than to hurt God’s little children/chosen ones, saith God. His sermons are described as being surreal, with random stock footage of things like horseback-riding slipped in.

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