Updating hdd firmware with another

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So far the initial answer I got does seem like a good idea - don't flash unless I have to, so I'm thinking of accepting that answer, but I'm wondering if anyone has additional hard evidence to show that the "final" version of this firmware is safe to use. I know there was a huge debacle with the way Seagate handled the firmware updates for these drives, causing them to "brick".

My friend's been having troubles with a hard drive, reference in this post: Windows 7 Home hangs at "Welcome" screen So he has a spare 500 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 from his old machine that actually worked okay on that machine. I checked the Seagate site for a firmware update: And I see that firmware revision SD1A is available and that his drive is under that laundry list of affected drives.

You can change the firmware on a Seagate HDD as a troubleshooting method.In other words, there is a definite risk and I'm not seeing any profit in flashing. Your plan seems to be to use the spare drive to replace the possibly failing drive in the Windows 7 home machine, and I think that would be OK to stick to.Hard disk drives use firmware, which is a combination of hardware and software, to determine how to operate.I've done a lot of different things with computers but have never updated firmware on a hard drive.Obviously there's more to risk than just updating the firmware of a cheap router.

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