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Married dating in hickory hills illinois

GELBMANN, RATH, GRIEMANN, STROMMER, Wallern; ZWICKL, BINDER (PINTER), LENDVAI, Tadten; GELBMANN, WURZINGER, Andau; STEHLE from Trillfingen, Germany to Halbturn; KOENIG from Funfing, Styria to Halbturn.

RADÓ, HEISSENBERGER (HEISZENBERGER); also WEILER, BRODMANN (BRODMAN, BROTMAN(N)), PAUSS (PAUSZ), PREINSPERGER (PREINSBERGER), HÁRÁMI (HÁRÁMY), SCHECH (SCHECK, SCHECKH), CSERER, PRANGER, KIND, STOBER, BINDER predominently from Rechnitz (Rohonc), Markt Neuhodis, (Varos Hadasz) Alt Hodis; also Steinamanger (Szombathely) Torony, Se. Frank RADOSTITS, Neuberg, Settled in Chicago, IL in 1922.

patricia brown, [email protected], 41 brown rd, pittsfield, pa 814=-436-7779. In 1927 his uncle Clarence Van Deusen of Lorain OH enrolled him in a noted school in Austinburg, Ashtabula County". Susan Mc Kiernan, [email protected], 3306 Old Weymouth, Medina OH 44256, 330-697-4320 I am looking for a marriage record for my great-grandparents, Liisa Evelina Seppala (Additional spellings are Lisi or Lusa Eveluna Seppala, but I did also see her referred to as Elizabeth and later Mary) and Jacob (Jack) Edvard Myllymaki. Jacob was born October 9 1877 in Vittasaari, Finland. Huldah was living with her son, William, and his family in Richmond, OH in 1850.

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It is located 15 miles (24 km) northwest of downtown Chicago.

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