Black dating ian lip

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Black dating ian lip

Started dating when lip finally admits he loves mickey. So might be a bit ooc.) Set in the usual shameless world. Ian and mickey are stable after the bipolar incident.

(Svetlana and yev also don't exists)Lip and mickeys been friends since they were 16.

But Ian is hiding a secret from everyone and starts to realise that keeping a secret and being jealous that your best friend is dating other people is harder than it seems. On a cold winter morning, the day after Ian was forced to come out, Lip solves that problem for him.

Both parts of the series take place at roughly the same time.

During a party, Ian will overhear Mickey's boyfriend confess that he's only dating Mickey because the nerd does his research and homework for school. I mean, Fiona practically disowned him, he fucked up his chances of ever joining the army, it's not like he has a boyfriend.

Ian gets an idea.(Altered Summary) Turns out all Ian needed was a reason. I'm not defending him here, but I think Ian Gallagher is engulfed in Mickey and Mandy Milkovich's world as the two newest additions to the neighborhood are constantly fighting for survival against their abusive father.

Everyone loves him except for Ian who is the school bad boy, always in trouble, in and out of juvie.

He also found out that he lusts after a certain milkovich.

Ian comes back from the army after he gets discharged and decides to stay with lip. Lip is in college and just discovered his real sexual orientation.

Anways, this is sort of a prompt following s.7e.2 where Lip and Ian have a conversation about how straight or gay both of them are. I am kinda upset with the lack of Lip/Ian works, so I felt the need to add one of my own..

oops Ian Gallagher is new to Southside High and makes friends with notorious bad boy Mickey Milkovich. Ian's had a thing for Lip for almost as long as he can remember, but hasn't ever been stupid enough to try anything.

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But in the last few episodes, Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan) and his on-again, off-again boyfriend, Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher), have been throwing the heavyweight acting punches.

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