Dating service high credit rated people

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Two decades ago, barely anyone outside the lending industry had even heard of a credit score.How did we come to define ourselves by this mysterious number?Last month, Discover announced it would give consumers free access to their credit scores.No more need to sign up for an actual service from Discover, like a credit card, as in the past. It was, Discover executives all but admitted, a marketing play.

It's like Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp combined — with serious stakes.

A 2012 survey discovered that almost two-thirds of respondents who were in debt still believed their credit could be described as “excellent” or “good.” In one way, this makes sense.

Credit scores, once a little-known corporate measurement, are now used by everyone from credit card issuers to insurers to determine whether they will issue you credit or a service, and at what price.

" According to a recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Citigroup, Green was on to something about the importance of financial savvy to a relationship.

More than three out of four Americans in a committed relationship, or 78 percent, prefer a partner who is good with money over one who is physically attractive. These days it's much more attractive to be an 800 than a perfect 10.

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With 70 percent of marriages ending in divorce due to financial disagreements, those looking for a partner are increasingly popping the big question: What is your credit score? Related: The 3 Biggest Money Mistakes Couples Make "It was my job to determine if there would be a relationship between the bank and the borrower based on their credit score," he said.