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Posted by / 04-Sep-2017 19:04

Negative side effects of online dating

However, there is a rising concern developing along with the growth of this global system. The lack of control over information sources, security leaking or internet addiction is mentioned more frequently than ever.Never in the past did the negative effects of Internet receive as much as attention in comparison to this century.

It also takes away from some of the social and team-building that occurs informally in college classrooms.

Teenagers are more driven by the push of hormones rather than logic and feelings.

As a consequence, they often end up taking the wrong decisions and dating just for the sake of it or dating people who they are crushing upon, rather than those with whom they are compatible and comfortable.

The news should satisfy all men, women and children of various age-group and status.

To increase circulation of newspapers, the media people should not publish bogus news.

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